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Kids Gray

Belt Program

Ages 3-8 years old, kids will learn basic martial art skills for a foundation before choosing a discipline

$40 per month

Monthly Plans


Martial Arts


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Martial Arts Membership

For ages 8 and up, this membership allows access to all Martial Art classes including Tae Kwon-Do, Judo, Jiujitsu and Open Mats!

$65 per month


Fitness Membership

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Fitness Membership

Ages 12 and up, train in our fitness classes to boost your health and overall wellness. 

$35 per month

Online and Private Lessons

Out of town? Home-bound? Just want to freshen up some specific techniques? We provide online classes and private lessons to aid your martial arts journey! Many people join martial arts to get in shape. Start at a pace you’re comfortable and build intensity from there.

If you have any health-related questions or concerns before starting a fitness regime, please contact your regular doctor. They'll be able to best answer your questions! All other questions about our membership plans, pricing, and discounts, please reach out!  

Aikido Takedown

Where do I sign up?

Our sign-up and registrations are handled through our OnMat Program. OnMat manages class attendance, payment options, ranking, and provides a portal for account holders to access information such as payment options, class schedules and more!


Come by during class time or call to set up a time!

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